MA 2013 University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion, Fashion Design Technology Womenswear

Nellie Kim is a fashion, textiles designer and illustrator.


Born'n'bread in Moscow post soviet era she had always been surrounded by women with great craftsmanship skills and taste. She is touched by the memories of mother sewing, making notches by hand and crackles of the fine wool clothing cut by huge iron sheers touching the floor. 

Her inspiration connected with themes related with people tender reminiscences, lifestyles from past to present, seasonal leisure cultural activities. Seaside has always been a subject for adoration since tender age if looking back at bright summer vacation memories and emotions. 
Her works study fluidity and liberation, cloth movement around the body and the feeling of wearing. Functionality in detailing and sophisticated materials as well as delicate use of colour play are manifested in her work.


Nellie also lectures and offers consultancy on fashion, textiles and art. 


She is available for residency and research work as well as warmly welcomes collaborative projects.


Nellie currently lives and works in Moscow.



For commissions, further information or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Image Anna Logunova